Boykin Spaniel Puppies For Sale


Boykin Spaniel Puppies For Sale

boykin spaniel puppies for sale
    boykin spaniel

  • The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized breed of dog, a Spaniel bred for hunting wild turkeys in the Wateree River Swamp of South Carolina, in the United States. It is the state dog of South Carolina.
    for sale

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boykin spaniel puppies for sale – The Boykin

The Boykin Spaniel: South Carolina's Dog, Revised Edition
The Boykin Spaniel: South Carolina's Dog, Revised Edition
Since the origin of the breed in the early twentieth-century, the Boykin spaniel has proven to be a crackerjack retriever, remarkable trick artist, and a family favorite. This revised edition of The Boykin Spaniel: South CarolinaA’s Dog by breed enthusiasts Mike Creel and Lynn Kelley is written for all lovers of the Palmetto StateA’s famous little brown sporting dog and chronicles the breedA’s history, profiles the dogA’s distinctive personality, describes its sterling abilities, and records the fond memories of a distinguished cast of trainers and owners.
A gregarious creature with an uncanny ability to switch freely from playful family pet to disciplined hunting dog, the Boykin spaniel was named the state dog of South Carolina in 1985. By 2000 more than sixteen thousand Boykins from forty-nine states and numerous foreign countries had been registered with the Boykin Spaniel Society, based in Camden, South Carolina. Creel and Kelley offer an unparalleled resource for breed owners and devotees as well as a celebration of this home-grown hunter and companion, truly a dog for all seasons. Their heavily illustrated revised and updated edition also includes the breed standard, lists of award-winning dogs and owners, and a comprehensive bibliography of the breed.

Winchester, portrait of Boykin Spaniel

Winchester, portrait of Boykin Spaniel
My First Oil of a Dog, my Winchester. (acutally one of my first Oils of anything) I learned I could paint over another painting and not waste a canvas. Somehow having color already on the background helped me go forward. Another artist saw it and stated they really liked it when I’d given up on it. Following her advice I entered it and got accepted in OAW juried Art Show.

Climbing Jeepers 3 (Boykin Spaniel)

Climbing Jeepers 3 (Boykin Spaniel)
Jeepers learned how to climb the ladder. Now he refused to be pulled out of the water if a ladder is nearby.

boykin spaniel puppies for sale
boykin spaniel puppies for sale

The Boykin Spaniel: South Carolina's Dog: A Crackerjack Retriever, Trick Artist & Family Favorite
More than just a hunting dog, the Boykin Spaniel, a breed that harkens back to a sire named “Dumpy” in the 1920’s7, has become the official South Carolina state dog. How this little brown dog squirmed his way not only into the hearts of over 12,000 owners, but into political debate, is what intrigued fellow authors Creel and Kelley. Together they have created a comprehensive history that documents the first appearance of the breed, as well as the formation of the Boykin Spaniel Society that established a set of standards for breeding and judging. Also included are chapters depicting the dog in art and literature, as well as advice on naming practices, providing care, field training, breeders, and competitions.